Shelter is full-service production company specializing in stories that inspire meaningful action.

We work with non-profit organizations to produce emotional character-driven films that highlight organizational impact, increase community awareness, and help drive vital fundraising efforts.

Between us, we have decades of experience spanning journalism, sports, music, politics, branded content, and commercial advertising. We bring this insight to make short-form content that is not only cinematic, creative, and original — but also time-tested, tried, and true.




Collaboration is the beating heart of our creative success. We work directly with org leaders and staff to capture the most compelling story and portray it in the purest way possible.


We know that the best stories come from deep human connection. We structure our productions accordingly - with small nimble crews that can become part of the action, rather than stand in the way of it.


In the documentary format, the edit is where the story really comes to life. We work with our clients every step of the way to ensure no stone is left unturned in the process.




Joe Bosch

Executive Producer

Past clients include Alaska Airlines, ESPN, and University of Washington.

Jack Newton

Head of Production

Past clients include New York Times, Netflix, and Vogue.

Drew Heskett

Creative Director

Past clients include The White House, Biden/Harris 2024, and Obama Foundation.